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Available For: LPA | Labellers | Vulcan | Zebra

The Aftercare team is here to help you find the perfect labelling solution for your specific requirements and can arrange next day delivery from stock to keep your production running optimally. We understand most applications have bespoke requirements, so we work closely with you to determine the most effective solution based on individual application parameters such as label size, permanency and plain or custom design.

Print and Apply Labellers (LPA)

Why choose our labels?

Label specification

The specification of the labels we supply has been carefully matched to the OEM supplied thermal transfer ribbon during the development stages of the technology to ensure optimum performance of the Vulcan is achieved, namely speed and print quality capabilities.

When combined with the ICE200 grade thermal transfer ribbon, unique to the print and apply market and more than 100% longer than traditional machines, our labels are proven to be the best solution, allowing extended production runs with less frequent label changeover.

Zebra labels

We offer genuine Zebra supplies for next day delivery. Due to our partnership with Zebra we are able to offer our customers Zebra labels at a reduced rate.

Buying certified Zebra labels from Clearmark ensures:
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Because Zebra printing supplies are so consistent, there's no need to make printer adjustments between rolls when using the same media. Workers experience fewer hassles and require less IT assistance, reducing downtime—plus they can get more done in less time when labels consistently print, adhere and scan properly.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Wear and tear on printers and printheads is reduced, and the need to reprint and replace labels due to poor quality is virtually eliminated.
Label tackiness and adhesion

The adhesive options supplied depend on the application of the product, which determines the durability and level of hold required. The application may require the label to have a long life or permanent adhesion particularly where the end product has to endure long journeys and harsh environments, sustain durability in deep freeze situations or needs to be removed at a later date. By qualifying the label lifetime, we can determine the correct adhesive required for your labels prior to production, ensuring that there are no sticky situations at a later date!

Print quality

The Vulcan technology prints and applies labels directly to secondary packaging, such as boxes, cases and shrink wrapped packs in one continuous action. It prints at a speed to match the packaging line without ever missing a pack, regardless of line throughput, build back and pack size.

Matched with the ICE200 grade thermal transfer ribbons, the labels we supply have a unique surface coating to produce excellent print quality and durability when printing variable data on demand at the high speeds our customers require.

Bespoke solutions

Whether it is a standard plain white label or something more bespoke that is needed, we have experience providing the highest quality thermal transfer labels to our customer’s unique circumstances.

Options such as colour washes to enable overprinting of logos and unique data such as QR and barcodes, or in house, custom designs with colour boxes printed to enable standardised label supply for variable data. We also have digitally printed labels available for smaller volumes and short production runs.

Partnering with the leading manufacturers in the UK, we have access to many standard cutter sizes which enables us to offer very competitive pricing across bespoke label requirements and our stock holding facility ensures economies of scale are applied to more typical labels.

Next day delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service to all of our customers by understanding and identifying the correct label specification for each individual application and providing cost effective pricing based on planned production.

Our in-house Print Lab can produce and print samples on different substrates in order to test for code clarity and consistency and ensure that the most appropriate label and ribbon is selected for each individual application.

As standard, we can provide labels from stock for next day delivery with a quick turnaround for new projects and applications to ensure your operations is running effectively.