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Zero Downtime Labelling System

The challenge was to build a ‘zero downtime’ labelling system, capable of accurately applying labels to both sides of moving secondary packs, while matching line throughput and running seamlessly during maintenance and consumable changeover.

Zero Downtime System

Eliminating downtime with an innovative labelling solution

The Quad ICE Vulcan was a culmination of the consultancy process which uncovered the need for a ‘zero downtime’ system and the hard work and collaboration of the Sales Engineers, Design team and Workshop to create and refine the system.

It is a custom engineered system, comprising of four ICE Vulcan direct side apply machines, two on each side of the conveyor. It is capable of delivering on the unique requirements of the customer, including keeping up with the fast throughput, printing a range of label sizes and the ability to run 24/7.

The system enabled our customer to overcome their unique labelling challenges in the most efficient way possible, whilst being easy to operate.

Flexible labelling for a varied product range

The system, flexibly engineered with five automatic application types, matches the 500mm per second line throughput speed, effortlessly applying 33mm, 70mm and 105mm pre-printed labels to the side of moving packs. Additionally, the systems custom software was specifically designed to make it easy for operators to use and maintain.

The solution was also designed to ensure that if one ICE Vulcan applicator went into fault or needed consumable replenishment, a linked standby applicator could take over in order to provide complete assurance and prevent costly downtime and wastage.

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With up to 4,000 boxes being packed every shift, it is vital that we have little to no downtime.

Jon Bannister 

Production Manager

Lubna Foods 

The Vulcan labellers have allowed us to significantly reduce label printing errors. Being able to check a job file from the office and on the coder touchscreen also provides added peace of mind.

John Tate 

Asset Operations Manager

Whitby Seafoods 

I searched for a robust, reliable and future proof print and apply labeller for our beer cases. When I found the Vulcan I was impressed with the build quality, components used and print clarity.

Brett Ellis 

Co-Founder and Head Brewer

The Wild Beer Co 

The Clearmark team I have always found to be greatly responsive, and really knowledgeable no matter who you speak to. They are always on hand to offer unpressurised advice.

Phil Chessell 

Category Product Change Manager

Saputo Dairy UK 

We have been very impressed by the continual reliability of the Zodiac systems and now the Vulcan too.

Paul Holmes 

Managing Director

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. 

ICE printers are reliable and print high quality code, combined with low maintenance, they have really helped to improve our overall production efficiency.

Philip Marr 


The ICE Co 

Got a labelling challenge?

If you have a labelling challenge or any unique requirements, make an enquiry and our engineering experts will be in touch to discuss further.

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