Scorpion unique printhead


Available For: Thermal Inkjets | Viper | Scorpion | Torus

We offer a range of high performance ink formulations for use with our Viper, Scorpion and Torus printers to support applications in primary packaging, case and tray coding.


Why choose our ink?

    We have a wide range of inks available, including solvent-based, water-based and MEK inks to suit your specific production requirements.

    Our range includes fast drying inks to support high throughput thermal inkjets and case coders to suit your specific application.

    These inks can be tested on your substrates by our experienced print technicians in our in-house Print Lab to find the perfect ink for you. This ensures you achieve clean, sharp prints no matter the substrate.

    Intelligent, mess free ink systems as standard

    ICE Viper Plus ink cartridges allow ink level tracking and auto cartridge recognition adding transparency, allowing you to plan your consumable changeovers and save time.

    The ICE Torus Plus benefits from no ink wastage due to the unique, patented ink reclaim system which ensures every drop of purged ink is recycled back in to the printer, allowing increased coding and lower cost of ownership.

    The ICE Scorpion features a purpose-built fast drying MEK compatible thermal inkjet cartridge.

    All of our inks are available for next day delivery to keep your production running smoothly.

    Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

    A Material Safety Data Sheet is available for every printing ink and solvent. Please request these via our contact form.