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A new generation of OEE-boosting, online, real-time coding and labelling solutions. Our ICE and Zebra printers bring peak performance and innovation at the lowest possible cost of ownership to the coding market place. The experienced Clearmark team takes a partnership approach that encompasses design, install and consumables fulfilment, tailoring our products and approach to your specific requirements. Ultimately delivering a bespoke solution to meet your business’s packaging challenges.


Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer TTO UK Zodiac range printheads size

Industry Uses: Food | Beverages | Bakery | Pharma | Cosmetics | Meat and Poultry | confectionery

Ideal For: Flexible packaging | Labels | Stick packs | Sachets | Resealable pouches

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is the established technology of choice for a wide range of coding applications. From label overprinting, to high speed digital coding on vertical bagging machines with flexible packaging, the Zodiac thermal transfer printer range is able to deliver fast print speeds with minimal downtime for a fast return on investment.
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Print and Apply Labellers (LPA)

Label Print Apply

Labelling ice Zebra LPA desktop labels

Industry Uses: Food | Beverages | Pharma | Hardware | Automotive | Aerospace | e-commerce

Ideal For: Shrink wrap | Cases | Cardboard | Wood | Film

The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labelling machine is a leap forward in technological innovation, offering unparalleled simplicity and reliability. It prints up to three times faster than traditional labellers and 10 times faster than hand applicators, precisely matching the speed of the packaging line without ever missing a pack. The Zebra off-the-line printers effectively label slower and varied packaging across lines, adding production flexibility which brings the most benefit when used alongside the ICE Vulcan. Clearmark now offers the Vector pallet labeller, capable of printing up to four labels on three sides with two pallet stop positions.
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Thermal inkjet

Thermal inkjet TIJ scorpion Viper ICE

Industry Uses: Pharma | Bakery | Snacks | Cereals | Industrial

Ideal For: Carton | Outer cases | Corrugated cardboard | Paperboard

Our TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) Technology, utilises a flexible printhead configuration to print high-resolution codes on hard to print surfaces. The TIJ range combines high performance and speed with extreme reliability, accuracy and low maintenance requirements for best in class return on investment figures.
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Case coder (LCM)

Case coder large character mark codes

Industry Uses: Bakery | Cereals | Logistics

Ideal For: Corrugated cardboard | Outer cases | Trays | Wood

A case coder, also known as large character marking (LCM) printer, is an appropriate solution if the substrate you wish to print on is porous, the substrate is white or if a barcode is required. Our technology utilises a unique self-cleaning printhead and ink micro-purging process to eliminate ink wastage and maintenance, whilst delivering consistent, high resolution prints.
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CLARiSUITE™ Software

Clarisuite thumbnail

Compatible With: ICE | Zebra | Videojet | existing printing technologies

CLARiSUITE™ is a suite of software products that work together for the purpose of designing, managing and distributing data to be printed by the ICE and Zebra range of coders and labellers, as well as for monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It combines the networking capability of CLARiNET, linking 99 printers for a factory-wide real-time data source, with simple drag and drop CLARiSOFT label design software, presented on an operator-friendly CLARiTY touchscreen interface.
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