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Print Lab

Available For: All Printers

Our in-house technical experts are on hand to offer print sample evaluation to test any new or unusual substrates, offering free technical advice to ensure you are printing at the highest possible quality.


Looking to test your substrates?

Our purpose-built Print Lab facility is designed to help you increase the quality of your prints and reduce the cost of your consumables. Stocked with our full range of printers, including thermal transfer, print and apply labellers, case coders and thermal inkjet we are able to test the print quality of any new or underperforming substrates.

The team will then recommend the best consumables, considering ease of use and cost, accompanied with instructions on the correct printer settings to guarantee the best quality print at the best possible price.

The benefits of using our free Print Lab
  • Find the perfect consumables without having to source and test various samples yourself.
  • Get physical samples sent out to you for peace of mind and to provide it to others that want to see it in your business
  • Receive simple actionable advice on the best settings for your printer.
  • Helps you decide whether switching substrates is the best option for you based on performance and ribbon cost before committing to an order.
Who is this for?

For new and existing customers that want to improve the quality of their prints or test a new substrate and new customers that want to directly compare our printing quality with an incumbent supplier.