TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) printers to power your production

Industry Uses: Pharma | Bakery | Snacks | Cereals | Industrial

ideal For: Carton | Outer cases | Corrugated cardboard | Paperboard

TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) technology is a well-established form of printing that is clean, dependable and low maintenance. It is designed for a precise, high quality print which is cost-effective, user friendly and can be used across a range of substrates. The use of fast drying inks within this technology has further improved performance, making it the ideal solution for a range of industries and substrates.

Why choose an ICE TIJ?

Combining high performance and speed with extraordinary reliability and flexibility

Our TIJ printers have been designed for the modern factory, with minimal maintenance requirements and no manual intervention required to ensure that the inkjets are ready to print whenever they are needed. Our TIJ printers achieve exceptional high contrast prints, facilitated by the quality ink which can be provided with next day delivery by the Aftercare team to keep your production running at full speed. Ultimately our TIJ printers provide exceptional performance at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

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How does a TIJ printer work?

As is in the name, thermal inkjets, uses electricity to produce thermal energy, AKA heat, to warm the ink and create a bubble of air within the ink cartridge. This displaces the ink and pushes it towards the edges of the cartridge where a number of nozzles are located, which help determine the print quality and print arrangement.

As the ink droplets are forced through these nozzles it contacts the material underneath and is transferred into the appropriate pattern, leaving a code or print. When the electrical charge is dropped from the cartridge, the air bubble dissipates and causes a vacuum that draws ink back so that it is ready for the next print. For this reason, TIJ printers are sometimes called bubble jet printers and offer a quick and relatively simple way of coding products.

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Application qualification

Free expert advice to ensure that you are always achieving perfect prints, no matter the substrate.


CLARiSUITE™ Software

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Compatible With: ICE | Zebra | Videojet | existing printing technologies

CLARiSUITE™ is a suite of software products that work together for the purpose of designing, managing and distributing data to be printed by the ICE and Zebra range of coders and labellers, as well as for monitoring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It combines the networking capability of CLARiNET, linking 99 printers for a factory-wide real-time data source, with simple drag and drop CLARiSOFT label design software, presented on an operator-friendly CLARiTY touchscreen interface.
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We can print thousands of pouches per hour with virtually no rejects and with only one operator.

David Low 


Cruga Biltong 

ICE printers are reliable and print high quality code, combined with low maintenance, they have really helped to improve our overall production efficiency.

Philip Marr 


The ICE Co 

Our operators find it easy to get to grips with the ICE printers through their simple-to-use touchscreen interface and consumable changeovers are also fast and simple with the Zodiac’s quick ribbon change and the Viper’s easy-change cartridge.

Simon Neale 

UK General Manager

Rockline Europe 

The Clearmark team I have always found to be greatly responsive, and really knowledgeable no matter who you speak to. They are always on hand to offer unpressurised advice.

Phil Chessell 

Category Product Change Manager

Saputo Dairy UK 

I would recommend Clearmark (ICE) to anyone, easy to use coders and very reliable. If you do have a problem, the service team are always on hand straight away to help.

Tom Fordyce 

Engineering Director

Layford Contract Packers Ltd 

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