Services and maintenance overview

Service and Maintenance

Available For: All Printers

To safeguard the reliability of your coder operations we offer routine, scheduled and preventative maintenance. This maintenance has been proven to improve performance and extend the lifespan of your machines, saving you money in the long term.


Why choose one of our service plans?

Our printers are only as good as the service behind it. Fortunately we also have industry-leading service to match our products. This includes routine, scheduled and preventative maintenance to safeguard the reliability of your operations and prevent any costly downtime... Meaning you can sleep easy at night with a service and maintenance contract which delivers optimal performance around the clock, whilst significantly increasing the lifespan of your machines.

One of many of our customer coders still going strong at 100+ million prints:

Routine maintenance

All ICE coders require a basic level of routine maintenance to ensure continued performance and reliability. Each operator manual details instructions on how to ensure your coder is kept in peak condition.

Scheduled maintenance

To maintain high quality and reliable service from your ICE equipment, it’s important to ensure scheduled maintenance is carried out properly and when required. The time between each scheduled visit will vary depending on the type of equipment and the amount of use.

Preventative Maintenance Service Contract

For peace of mind and to safeguard the reliability of your coder operations on an ongoing basis, we offer a Preventative Maintenance Service Contract which includes one scheduled service visit and one floating service visit to be called off when required.

This package also includes a discounted rate on genuine ICE & Zebra spare parts that may be required during a visit and discount on a tailored spares package.