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Overprinting Watchstrap Labeller

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The Overprinting Watchstrap Labeller (OWL) system is a bespoke innovation, designed to solve customers’ challenges in coding onto net and tag labels at high speeds with no print variance. The system has been engineered to integrate easily into packaging set ups and is easy to use thanks to the CLARiSUITE™ operating system making it simple for users to create and switch label design templates for efficient product changeovers.

The perfect solution for any netting bag that requires coding

Following demand from our customers and the wider market for a net and tag coding system that is fast, reliable and accurate, Clearmark has engineered a complete solution. The Overprinting Watchstrap Labeller (OWL) system delivers consistent prints onto a range of labels at high speeds, whilst also checking its own print to ensure your netted products are coded perfectly.


Clearmark OWL Edit

The OWL system’s compact and sturdy design ensures that it can easily be integrated into your packaging set up, whether that be freestanding or integrated into a netting machine. Our Net and Tag coding system is made bespoke to your requirements, including throughput, printing area and integration capabilities to ensure it excels in your net packaging operation.


The OWL system benefits from the Zodiac Hawk's integrated print checking, iAssure, adding another level of assurance that your netted products are leaving the factory with a perfect code.

The system works by taking a real-time image of the negative on the printed ribbon to compare with the intended image to ensure they match.

Our prints with ICE ribbon are so crisp and clear that other suppliers have assumed they were pre-printed.

Jon Bannister 

Production Manager

Lubna Foods 

It’s great to have ICE coders in our factory and a British success story with the excellent service from the Clearmark team.

Phil Chessell 

Saputo Diary UK 

The machines have delivered excellent print quality throughout, reducing the need for line stoppage and pack wastage.

Stephen Shields 

Technical Director


We quickly realised the benefit of switching our coding system after the first two Zodiacs were installed.

Fred Williams 

Pack House Manager

S & A Produce 

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