The history of Clearmark Solutions

The Clearmark journey began in 2001, when the three directors, Chris Simpson, Chris Gent and Dave Bradbury had a vision to combine over forty years engineering expertise and create a company that could deliver unrivalled coding, print and labelling solutions to the packaging industry.

The twenty year journey so far has been both challenging and insightful, but today Clearmark is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Midlands.


The Zodiac Thermal Transfer Printer arrives

Our journey of innovation first began in 2001 with the release of the now market leading ICE Zodiac Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO). Over the course of almost two decades, this coder has become an ubiquitous force in primary packaging and has continually evolved to provide the fastest and most intelligent way to vastly improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in a factory.

ICE Zodiac
C0 A7665

A case coder with a lot of character and clear codes


2003 saw the launch of the Torus case coder, our large character marking printing solution. The R&D team designed the ICE Torus case coder with a patented ink reclaim system, that economically recycles wasted ink back in to the printer. Perfect prints on porous substrates!

ICE Torus
Image 1

Business Expansion

Following a successful first 5 years, a growing team and customer base it was time to move to larger premises at Robey Close. This expansion facilitated the teams to work more efficiently and comfortably.


A reliable maintenance free thermal inkjet coder


A thermal inkjet printer that is easy to set up and virtually maintenance-free thanks to its simple-to-replace inkjet cartridge system. The ICE Viper has also been designed to print up to four lines of text at 600dpi resolution as well as barcodes, 2D data matrix codes and logos.

ICE Viper
ICE Viper 16 9

Zodiac HS launches and Clearmark moves to larger premises


Advancements made to the Zodiac original lead to the launch of the Zodiac HS. Quickly becoming Britain’s favourite Thermal Transfer Printer.

Business Expansion

Clearmark expands further and moves to Olympic House, based on Sherwood Park in Nottinghamshire where it remains to this day.

ICE HQ outside with background 1

Clearmark's Product Demonstration Room Launched

Clearmark (ICE) demonstration room unveiled.

Clearmark launch their high-spec, fully comprehensive product demonstration room at their head office in Nottinghamshire.

ICE MV Agusta Racing Team Sponsorship.

Clearmark is now a proud sponsor of the Agusta Motorbike racing team.

Zodiac ES Thermal Transfer Overprinter launched.

Following the success of the ICE Zodiac HS the ES soon follows launched.

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ICE demo room

The first of it's kind

We launch the Ice Vulcan

The game-changing ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller (LPA) is the first of its type to print and directly apply a label to a pack in one continuous motion, even when packs are tightly packed. The R&D experts engineered out 80% of standard LPA wear parts in order to boost factory uptime, by cutting out compressed air and driving down maintenance requirements. This combination of LPA breakthroughs in one product gives our team the power to transform factories up and down the country by providing an automated solution, which works to reduce the requirement for manual labour and simultaneously cuts down on human error.

ICE Vulcan

Adding sting to the Thermal Inkjet market

Scorpion Thermal Inkjet Printer is launched

To combat poor prints, the R&D team specifically engineered the ICE Scorpion with a patented printhead design that incorporates an intelligent Cartridge Protection System. This innovation reduces the uncapped time of the cartridge, allowing the use of inks suitable for non-porous substrates without the loss of reliability or print quality in the factory.

ICE Scorpion
Clearmark ICE Scorpion 2

The world’s first TTO printer with built-in print checking technology

Zodiac Hawk Launched

The ICE Zodiac Hawk thermal transfer printer was launched in 2017, the first of its kind to have a built-in print checking system. The R&D team worked hard to enhance the trusted ICE Zodiac by developing a larger 1200m ribbon capacity. The R&D team also developed integrated software capable of reporting on all three elements of OEE, a key factory efficiency measurement that helps customers reduce the possibility of costly product recalls and potential damage to brand reputation.

ICE Zodiac Hawk
Zodiac hark header

Apollo house launched

Business Expansion: Apollo House Built

2017 was a big year for Clearmark. Along with the launch of a revolutionary new product, following years of maintained growth. Clearmark out-grew the head office space once again. In response, on the same site as the existing Olympic House building on Sherwood Park in Nottinghamshire, they built their secondary 11,000 square foot, split level, specialised, workshop and warehouse building.

Apollo House Launch Party
Apollo House compressed

Award winning year for Clearmark

Two prestigious industry awards won

Clearmark wins the prestigious PPMA’s Innovative Ancillary Equipment award and The Nottingham Post’s Excellence in Industry award.

Clearmark were also shortlisted for The East Midlands Chambers for Excellence in Customer Service and Outstanding Growth awards.

Product range expansion

Zodiac range expansion - using the unrivalled technology featured in the Zodiac Hawk, we expanded the Zodiac range in 2019.

ICE Zodiac Range
Nottingham Post Business Awards 2019 Clearmark Win

Virtual Interactive Demonstration Room Launched

Virtual Demo Room Launched and Vulcan range expanded

The Virtual demonstration room goes live allowing customers to travel around the room learning about the solutions available.

Vulcan 6" printhead released due to popular demand for larger print areas.

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Clearmark Virtual Demo Room

Marking 20 years of coding solutions

20 years. Countless solutions.

Clearmark has been helping customers overcome their coding challenges for 20 years. It is this strong heritage that provides us with a clear future supporting our customers in improving production uptime and OEE. Your future can depend on our past…

20 years of coding version 1

Clearmark adds tertiary labelling to their portfolio

Introducing the Vector Pallet Labeller

The Vector pallet labeller brings to the marketplace a new high performance, low maintenance tertiary option, completing Clearmark's coding portfolio, enabling customers to benefit from joined-up coding solutions across their primary, secondary and tertiary operations.

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Vector labelling arm close up

What next?