Zebra Technologies

28th July, 2020
Clearmark specialises in Zebra’s industrial printers

Clearmark has access to Zebra’s extensive product range including industrial offline printers, symbol scanners and desktop printers and is a certified Printer Repair Specialist.

These can all be integrated with the CLARiSUITE operating system (used across all ICE machines) to give an easy, intuitive experience for users on the factory floor.
Zebra offers unrivalled products due to the company’s commitment to research and development – spending double that of their nearest competitors (as a percentage of sales).
This allows them to offer more efficiency, more accuracy and more durability than rival products.
Using decades of innovation, Zebra design every product with you in mind. Your day-to-day tasks. Your work conditions. Your pressures. Discover your performance edge with scanners, mobile computers, tablets and printers with features and form factors made for you.

Purpose-Driven Design Zebra designs with front-line users, workplaces, and workflows in mind, building in ease of use, reliability, and ruggedness
Data-Powered Environments Zebra enables customers to create smart environments on the edge, better reflecting reality than traditional systems of record
Collaborative Mobile Workflows Zebra enables those on the front line to optimise in-motion operations through connected and collaborative workflows
Real-Time Guidance Zebra links teams, assets and systems in real-time to deliver best-action guidance for business-critical decisions
Solution Ecosystem Zebra and its network of specialised partners innovate industry-tailored solutions for the enterprise edge

Clearmark is proud to offer this product range, combining Zebra’s global expertise with our own agile, customer-focused approach to deliver the best solutions to customers.

Zebra Thermal Printer Brochure
Zebra Thermal Printer Brochure