Clearmark to tap into Beer X 2022 with automated print and apply labelling solution

28th March, 2022

After success at the show in 2020, pack labelling specialists, Clearmark, returned to exhibit at this year’s Beer X show, 16th-17th March at Exhibition Centre Liverpool. With proven results in the brewery sector with The ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller. Expert engineers gave live demonstrations on the ‘benefits to brewers’ this product provides and information on how to become GS1 compliant with print and apply labelling technology.

Clearmark staff with a Vulcan conveyor system at BeerX 2022

Over the past year, most businesses have seen an increase in staff shortages and supply chain issues meaning that automating the packaging line is now more important than ever. With easily customisable label design and the ability to print and apply up to 150 packs per minute whilst never missing a pack, the ICE Vulcan Print and Apply Labeller quickly provides a great ROI to craft breweries who have ever changing product lines. Breweries can benefit from increased speed, reliability and freeing up operators to perform more value added tasks.

With many breweries now tapping into grocery shopping market, it is important for products to be labelled with correct and clear information in order to avoid costly fines. It is imperative the labelling solution can not only quickly and accurately apply labels to kegs, casks and bottles, but also has the ability to rapidly change labels to fit product changeovers as needed.

The Clearmark team were on hand to chat to visitors about success in the industry with the most recent application at Vocation Brewery; With Vocation’s sales soaring, 51 new product lines, and their beers making way onto supermarket shelves, they needed a solution to automate the labelling process whilst also complying with the new GS1 regulations. “Everything sent to the retailer has to be boxed and labelled. We produce about 30 pallets a day, with 100 or 200 cases on each pallet. Anything other than our core brand has to have a custom label on it. Since automating our labelling process we’ve had zero defects - the ICE Vulcan print and apply system is 100% fool-proof and in hindsight we should have automated sooner.” – Dan Tasker, Packaging Manager at Vocation Brewery

The Vulcan at Vocation Brewery

Clearmark are members of both the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and the British Bottlers' Institute (BBI).