Innovation: Quad ICE Vulcan Zero Downtime Labelling System

25th July, 2018
The engineering challenge

To build a ‘zero downtime’ labelling system, capable of accurately applying labels to both sides of moving secondary packs, while matching line throughput and running seamlessly during maintenance and consumable changeover.

The innovative solution

The ICE team worked hard to create a custom engineered system, comprising four ICE Vulcan direct side apply machines, two on each side of the conveyor, capable of delivering on the requirements of the customer, in the most efficient way possible.

The system, flexibly engineered with five automatic application types, matches the 500mm per second line throughput speed, effortlessly applying 33mm, 70mm and 105mm pre-printed labels to the side of moving packs. Additionally, the systems custom software was specifically designed to make it easy for operators to use and maintain.

The solution was also designed in order to ensure that if one applicator went into fault or needed consumable replenishment, a linked standby applicator could take over in order to provide complete assurance and prevent costly downtime and wastage.

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