Zodiac Range

7th May, 2020

Thermal Transfer Overprinting is the established technology of choice for a wide range of coding applications.

Compared to traditional contact coders such as hot-stamp or roller coders, thermal transfer overprinting offers superior print quality and lower costs.

From label overprinting, to high-speed digital coding on vertical bagging machines with flexible packaging, the Zodiac thermal transfer printer range is able to deliver fast print speeds, minimising downtime and ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership.

The Zodiac offers both 53mm and 107mm printhead solutions for when you need flexibility. The Zodiac Hawk is the first printer of its kind which comes with integrated print checking, avoiding unnecessary downtime and mistakes.

View the range of brochures below.
Zodiac Hawk Brochure
Zodiac Hawk 53mm Brochure
Zodiac Eagle Brochure
Zodiac Eagle 107mm Brochure
Zodiac Falcon Brochure
Zodiac Falcon 32mm Brochure
IP Rated Zodiac Brochure
IP Rated 'Wash Down' Zodiac
Zodiac Print Sample Guide
Zodiac Range Print Sample Guide
Aftercare Brochure